The Processing And Cognitive Enhancement program was developed to train cognitive learning skills.  It is what many affectionately refer to as "mental boot camp."


Who Can Benefit from PACE?

Those who can benefit from the program include high or average performers who want to perform mental activities faster and more efficiently, and even better than before, as well as below average performers who have learning difficulties.  The information on this website will focus on the below average performer.  This type of child usually has one or more of the following symptoms which do not seem to improve with just extra work and tutoring:


• trouble staying on task
• working too slowly or too hard
• difficulty comprehending what is read
• problems remembering
• poor reading, math, or spelling skills

PACE concentrates on those cognitive abilities that process sensory information and that the academic level relies upon. So PACE does not teach academic content, but it will help make learning easier and faster.
There are many children who struggle to learn even with adequate instruction; however, these are the children who most likely have a cognitive processing problem. They tend to:


• have trouble paying attention and staying on task
• become easily distracted
• reverse letters and words
• forget instructions or what was read earlier
• take a long time to complete a task
• keep making the same careless errors repeatedly without realizing it
• have difficulties sounding out words and spelling
• have problems creating mental pictures while reading or from a word math problem
• struggle to understand or comprehend what was read
• do things that don’t seem to make sense
• have problems handling a complex task

PACE enhances underlying cognitive skills required to learn effectively – auditory processing, attention skills, comprehension, visual processing, memory, and problem solving. Once strengthened, these skills enhance the student's capacity to learn. Positive side effects often include improvement in self-esteem, confidence, and lifetime potential for achievement.

Summary of Benefits of The PACE Program:


• Intense, one-on-one, cognitive training program that corrects and enhances learning skills.
• Significant changes in only 12 weeks
• The child sees changes in his/her performance.
PACE provides approximately 80 hours of one-on-one training over 12 weeks compared to six and a half hours of one-on-one instruction over a 13 year period of time in an average United States public education.
• Immediate feedback allows faster learning.
• Sequencing allows the program to be personalized to the child’s deficiencies and needs.
PACE improves concentration, memory, visualization, integration, and processing speed and makes them all become more automatic. And that makes learning easier, faster, and more enjoyable because the child can now successfully learn.