Discover Math® 
A revolutionary program, developed by Dr. Steve Truch, where students learn the basics of how numbers work. It is not just "doing" math, but also about understanding it. Manipulatives, visualizing, and dialoguing create a firm understanding of concepts and processes, develop reasoning skills and allow students to figure out any part of math that they need to. Discover Math® takes a unique approach and teaches each new concept both verbally and non-verbally. It teaches each new concept as it looks in reality. It uses 3-D manipulatives to allow the students to explore the concepts, visualize them, and put them into words. Only after they “get it” do students solve the math concepts as problems on paper. Students come to understand math, not just do it. They Discover Math®, interact with it, and make sense out of math concepts and skills.

The Discover Math® Difference
The Discover Math® Program was created to provide students with an understanding of math operations and their application. The program is multi-sensory in nature and is based on unique learning principles. These include:

• Discovery of basic facts through concrete experiences.
• Using language to think about those experiences.
• Using mental imagery to further internalize and understand basic math experiences, operations and principles.
• Integrating and applying the understanding to problem solving. This is not a "skill and drill" type of program. Instead, our program develops a solid understanding of math concepts.
• Base-line assessments are used to determine the student's needs
• Individual instruction is paced to the student's level of need. Students are taught sequentially, from a very basic level and build from there. "Gaps" in their background knowledge are filled by using this approach.
• Programs are linked to the objectives of the California State curriculum from number concepts through Algebra. All content areas in the math curriculum are covered: basic operations, measurement, algebra, geometry, word problems, etc.
• Manipulatives, language, and mental imagery are used extensively to provide an understanding of math operations and concepts. In addition, Discover Math® is another way to exercise and strengthen underlying processing skills because it uses comprehension strategies, visual memory, reasoning, problem solving, and expressive language all while focusing on math skills.

Benefits of Discover Math®
Discover Math® is comprehensive and effective. Students not only understand how math works through basic algebra and geometry concepts, but they also develop reasoning, visualizing, problem solving, and expressive language skills. In many math programs, students try to learn math calculations and processes without really understanding them. As a result, they perform inconsistently and are unable to recognize and correct their own errors. These students never really understand how math works so they are easily frustrated by it and tend to avoid it or do poorly in math. Discover Math® eliminates these problems.