What Causes Learning Problems?
Approximately 85-90 % of learning difficulties are due to poor underlying learning skills, including these six:


Attention-Concentration - Staying on task or ignoring distractions. Example: Continuing to read a book while other people in the room carry on a conversation.

Phonemic Awareness - Blending sounds, segmenting (ungluing) sounds, and analyzing sounds. Problems with reading new words and spelling difficulties most often are the result of poor phonemic awareness.

Memory - Recalling short-term and long-term information. Example: Copying from the black board in a classroom (short-term), or taking a semester's final exam (long-term).

Comprehension - Understanding what is read or heard.

Visualization - Creating mental images and manipulating them in your head. Example: Seeing in your mind a word math problem before trying to solve it.

Processing Speed - Handling and processing information quickly.

Logic and Reasoning - Problem solving.